The Answer is Always "RUN!": Denver Rock and Roll Half

Denver Rock and Roll Half Marathon

October 19, 2014

Mike Lanciloti-- Although my original plan in mid-summer was to train for and run the full marathon, I realized by early August that I just couldn't put in the time and the miles. The half became my goal since the training would be much more manageable, just a matter of gradually increasing my long run to 10 miles by early October. No problem, or so I thought... By early October I realized I hadn't done any run longer than 8 miles. Ooops. And then I caught a cold and spent a few days in bed. Double oops. 10 days before the race and I still hadn't done a run longer than 8. Hmmm. So I asked my partner Andy, race-crew-of-one to many of my races "What should I do?" "RUN!" he said, so I did.

It was a beautiful day for the race on October 19, cool and clear. A relief since the weather could have been cold, wet and nasty. The half marathon course (and first 13 miles of the full marathon) was different from previous years, going east from downtown around Sloan's Lake and through the Highlands. A very nice course that I hope they continue with in the future. I finished the race and I was happy with my time although I don't plan to repeat my training plan again!


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