Member Race Results

Congratulations to all our athletes!



California International Marathon, Dec 6, Sacramento, CA

Ben Cowan         2:33:55, 53rd OA, 5th AG



St. Louis Half Marathon, Nov 1, St. Louis, MO

Ben Cowan         1:16:41, 10th OA, 2nd AG



Denver Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon, Oct 18, Denver, CO

Mike Lanciloti     1:37:43, 5th AG



Big Gay 5k Boulder, Sept 13, Boulder, CO

Andrew Sturner     16:58, 1st OA

Steve Monroney    20:47, 5th OA, 1st AG


Colorado Symphony 5k, Sept 19, Denver, CO

Steve Monroney    20:34, 9th OA, 2nd AG



Eurogames, Aug 5-8, Stockholm, Sweden

Track and Field


Steve Monroney   2:30, 3rd AG



Andrew Sturner      4:21.34, 2nd AG



Andrew Sturner     15:42, 1st AG


Road Races


Andrew Sturner     15:41, 1st OA



Ben Cowan              35:22, 3rd OA, 2nd AG


JULY 2015


JUNE 2015

Big Gay 5k Denver, Jun 20, Denver, CO

Andrew Sturner     16:33, 2nd OA

Ben Cowan (as a guide runner) 20:49

Steve Monroney    21:53, 19th OA, 3rd AG

Mark Thompson    27:46pr, 122nd OA, 8th AG


MAY 2015

Colfax Half Marathon, May 17, Denver, CO

Mike Lanciloti         1:36:55pr, 132nd OA


BolderBoulder 10k, May 25, Boulder, CO

Andrew Sturner      35:03, 98th OA, 6th AG

Ben Cowan              36:42, 192nd OA, 3rd AG


APRIL 2015

Brain Tumor Alliance of Denver 5k, Apr 4, Denver, CO

Steve Monroney     21:04, 11th OA, 1st AG


Beat the Heat 10k, Apr 18, Westminster, CO

Carolyn Brinkworth  60:20, 34th OA, 5th AG


Boston Marathon, Apr 20, Boston, MA

Ben Cowan  2:39:17pr, 246th OA

Mike Lanciloti 3:33:54, 459 AG


Cherry Creek Sneak 1.5M, Apr 28, Denver, CO

Steve Monroney     8:51pr, 3rd OA 


MARCH 2015


Steamboat Springs Pentathlong Long Course, Mar 8, Steamboat Springs, CO

Team "Heavy Equipment Operators"     2:03:55, 2nd OA Team, 1st Men's Team

Andrew Sturner (2.4 mi snowshoe)

Steve Monroney (5.6 mi nordic ski)

Ben Cowan (3.2 mi run)


DC Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon, Mar 14, Washington, DC

Ben Cowan           1:16:37pr, 25th OA, 3rd AG

Mark Thompson  2:05:32, 5329th OA



Ralston Creek Half Marathon, Feb 8, Arvada, CO

Mike Lanciloti       1:41:42, 68th OA, 1st AG


Le Cours de L'amours 5k, Feb 14, Denver, CO

Steve Monroney   21:20, 14th OA, 1st AG


Le Cours de L'amours 10k, Feb 14, Denver, CO

Carolyn Brinkworth 51:44pr, 39th OA, 16th OAF, 7th AG


Race for Justice Valentine Run 4M, Feb 14, Sacramento, CA

Ben Cowan            21:36pr, 5th OA, 2nd AG



Quicker Quaker 2.7M, Jan 10, Lafayette, CO

Andrew Sturner    13:42pr, 1st OA

Ben Cowan            15:05pr, 9th OA, 1st AG

Steve Monroney   18:30pr, 41st OA, 29th OAM, 4th AG



California International Marathon, Dec 7, Sacramento, CA

Mike Lanciloti       3:56:52, 1667th OAM


Christmas Carol Classic, Dec 20, Denver, CO

Steve Monroney   20:40, 1st AG


Mount Dora Half Marathon, Dec 21, Mount Dora, FL

Ben Cowan           1:16:56pr, 4th OA, 2nd AG



Home for the Holidays 5k, Nov 1, Denver, CO

Steve Monroney   20:55, 27th OA, 1st AG


Ft. Collins Thanksgiving Day 4M, Nov 27, Ft. Collins, CO

Andrew Sturner    20:57, 22nd OA



Denver Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon, Oct 19, Denver, CO

Mike Lanciloti        1:41:52, 492nd OA, 17th AG

Chris Ross              1:49:39pr, 1001th OA

Dan Rottman         1:52:35, 1270th OA

Warren Campbell  2:19:50, 4821st OA


Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon, Oct 19, Columbus, OH

Ben Cowan             2:39:42, 22nd OA, 5th AG (PR)




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