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We are looking for leaders . . .  

Colorado Frontrunners is currently looking for members to assume the following roles to help move the club forward in the coming year.  

Our club bylaws state we operate with an executive board consisting of a President and Vice President (along with a secretary and treasurer) handling the general operations of the club. So due to resignations we will now need to find new leadership for the club. So if you are anxious to get involved with the leadership of the club or have some great ideas this is the perfect time to express yourself. Now is a great time to step up and raise your hand. Listed below are some of the vacant roles with a brief description of each.


President (vacant)

  • Acts as the chief administrative officer and legal head of the club

  • Exercises supervision over the club, its activities, members and employees

  • Represents or designates a member to represent and speak for the club at other organizations and to the public

  • Presides at the business meetings

  • Appoints standing committee chairpersons

  • Signs letters or documents necessary to carry out the will of the club


Vice President (vacant)

  • Assumes the duties of the president in case of absence or incapacity of the president and, notwithstanding the provisions of Article VI, becomes president upon the death, resignation or permanent incapacity of the president

  • Directs the activities of any designated “Special Committees”


If you are not ready for a leadership role such as President or Vice-President inColorado Frontrunners, perhaps you might like to head a committee or a role below which are currently vacant.  It's easy to be involved, it's easy to have fun and it is so rewarding.



Membership & Fundraising Coordinator (vacant)

  • Responsible for membership recruitment and retention, as well as for one-off fundraising opportunities & coordination

  • Coordinates with Website and Social Media Coordinator to receive new members information

  • Maintains, updates and distributes membership roster

  • Ensures all member benefits are provided to dues paying members

  • Coordinates production and distribution of t-shirts, member discounts, and other member benefits

  • Liaison to businesses providing membership discounts

  • Sends new member personalized “welcome” e-mail letters

  • Sends annual renewal emails with Website link and mail-in instructions for existing members

  • Follows up on one-off fundraising opportunities

  • Coordinates matching gifts transaction


Outreach Coordinator (vacant)

  • Responsible for outreach to all LGBT partner organizations, including The Center, Out Boulder, Colorado AIDS Project, SportsFest, and others

  • Coordinates Frontrunners participation with annual Pride events (The Center & Out Boulder)

  • Coordinates Frontrunners participation with annual AIDS Walk/Run (CAP)

  • Participates in community meetings with Colorado Frontrunners are invited

  • Coordinates (with Board member help) volunteer participation for events above

  • Partners with Board members to ensure all paperwork for the above activities are completed







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