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More than 10,000 participants from more than 65 countries. The 2014 Gay Games is about fun, games and culture too. The founding principles of Participation, Inclusion and Personal Best mean the Games are open to everybody regardless of sexual orientation, gender, transgender status, religion, nationality, political convictions, age, physical condition or athletic ability.


Running is sport at its most elemental, requiring speed, stamina and kilometers of experience. Road races give participants the chance to test the limits of their endurance at different distances throughout the week.


The running events at the 2014 Gay Games occur on two days (10K on Tuesday, 12 August; 5K on Thursday, 14 August), with runners from around the world competing in the 5K and 10K road race competitions.


The Marathon and half marathon will be run in Akron through the streets of the city. 2014 Gay Games expects over 600 runners of all skill levels to take part in this challenging event.


Track and Field combines several sports in one: running, jumping and throwing––sometimes all three at once. The Games offers several competitions, including traditional running events like the 100 and 1,500 meters, the high jump and long jump, the shot put and discus, and many other traditional track and field events.


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Other worldwide multi-sport events organizations:

Federation of Gay Games.

GLISA, Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association.

North American Out Games 2016St. Louis, MO.






2014 Gay Games - Cleveland+Akron - GG9

August 9- 16, 2014

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