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Denver Frontrunners

Join Us On Saturdays in Denver:

Where:  In front of the Dora Moore Elementary School at 9th Avenue and Downing Streets, across the street from the King Soopers.


When: Saturday morning at 9:15 am (no matter the weather as you can see from picture)



Runners head to Washington Park via Marion Street, circle the park and return on the same path. To the edge of Washington Park and back is approximately 3.5 miles. One loop around the park is 2.5 miles, and entire course is approximately 6 miles. Runners/walkers may turn around at any point and head back. The course includes city streets and sidewalks until reaching Washington Park where runners use a dirt trail course around the park.


Walkers head towards Cheesman Park for a brisk stroll of 2 times around the edge of the park taking in the beauty of the front range mountains in the distance (approx. 3.2 miles). Runners who prefer a shorter run with less street running may also run Cheesman Park.


Meet and Visit Afterwards:

We now meet for food and fun conversations at Buzz Cafe, at the intersection of Marion and 6th. Even if you don't run or walk with us, come meet us there around 10:30 a.m.


Thank you to Buzz Cafe for accomodating our large group

each Saturday!


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